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Information for
"Moby's stitch"

Organic wick for e-cigarette hand braided from 100% bamboo fibre

Recommend to use a coil with internal diameter of 2,2 – 2,5 mm.
It is mandatory not to activate the heater with a dry wick because it is organic and will burn. You always must drip juice directly onto the wick and coil before closing the chamber to provide wet start.
Shipping Information

Within the EU all packages include a free delivery such as:
Single pack is delivered via Priority Postal Service without traceabilityof the consignment;
All other packs (Medium, Large and Extra) can ship with Priority Recommended Postal Service with an option to track the consignment.


Single pack
 The package contains 1 pcs. knitted bamboo wick.
Price 3,00
Medium pack
  The package contains 4 pcs. knitted bamboo wick.
Price 10,00
Large pack
  The package contains 8 pcs. knitted bamboo wick.
Price 16,00
Extra pack
  The package contains 12 pcs. knitted bamboo wick.
Price 20,00
* The price includes shipping within the EU

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